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Employment Opportunity

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Academic programs


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics provides excellent undergraduate programs, as well as advanced instruction at the graduate and research levels. Find out more about our degree programs.

Colloquia & Seminars


Learn about our latest research and overviews of the areas of Mathematics and Statistics through our colloquia & seminars.


  • Science Atlantic October 2019
  • Math & Music Lecture with Dave Kung
  • NS Math Circles Celebrates Five Years with Eastlink
  • Class of 2019 Department Grad Lindsay MacCormick is Profiled
  • EGMO 2019

Dal News

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  • State of mind: Forum showcases racism’s heavy toll on mental health
  • Lukky - Lukky下载 | 玩野安卓网:2021-5-10 · ⬇️Lukky下载:快速从你的Instagram帖子评论中抽出赢家。你可以随时将抽奖结果视频分享出去。1. 选择自己的Instagram帐户2. 选择用于抽奖的帖子3. 开始从所有评论中抽奖4. 分享视频!奖 …
  • Ask an expert: Sociologist Karen Foster on why women’s careers have suffered more than men’s during the pandemic

Upcoming Events

Math Quote 

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.

-S. Gudder

Statistics Quote

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-Karl Pearson

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